February 26, 2024
Anjunabeats & Nourey Partner With MIT To Fight Climate Change Using AI

Anjunabeats just teamed up with the Environmental Solutions Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to work on a project that spreads awareness for climate and sustainability consciousness.

The pilot study took place at Above & Beyond‘s Weekender at The Gorge, led by Anjuna artist Nourey who is also an MIT Ph.D. student studying climate solutions. More than 500 dance music lovers came together to interact with an augmented reality “Art Wall” that uses AI technology.

Anna Johnson, Anjunabeats sustainability and environment officer said about the study, “Partnering with MIT enables Anjunabeats to apply scientific rigor in our sustainability efforts. Music events provide an opportunity for testing new ideas and experimentation around pressing global challenges. We hope The Gorge project contributes to a growing body of research with the objective to scale-up sustainable behavior change.”

Nourey is not only an incredible trance artist, but she’s also a postdoctoral research fellow and manager of the Climate Change and Cities Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She utilizes AI to study the impacts environment and climate change can have on developing regions.

The results of the studying will be presented Wednesday, September 21 in a live-stream event on Zoom and Twitch hosted by MIT and Anjunabeats. The stream begins 16:30 BST/ 11:30 EST) here.

Second image from Nourey, featured image from Anjunadeep credit dougvansant

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