June 1, 2023
Angry Man Cusses Out Crying Toddler On Packed Flight To Florida

In yet another installment of Signs, society continues to prove just how dysfunctional it truly is. On a recent Southwest Airlines flight to Florida, a man was filmed screaming over a crying toddler. The now-viral clip, which has racked up more than 134,000 TikTok views, shows the man yelling at a flight attendant who he believes should be responsible for the crying baby. For three minutes, a fellow passenger records the man’s temper tantrum directed toward two flight attendants. The unidentified man uses profanity more than 20 times toward Southwest crew and fellow passengers.


“You’re yelling,” one flight attendant says to the man, to which he says, “So is the baby!”

Par for the course, opinions on the incident are split on social media. One person wrote, “I am not part of the community that believes children/babies shouldn’t fly HOWEVER, I do believe certain communities do not properly manage their children in public and I understand why that might drive someone to lose their mind.

“The crying baby (which sounds more like a toddler than a baby-baby) magically stops crying halfway through this man’s rant which leads me to believe the people they were traveling with could’ve done more to meet whatever need they were expressing. 40-45 minutes is excessive.”

Others took a more empathetic route and questioned what the man was going through that day that made him snap.

“Not making excuses for the rant but has anyone in this thread asked what that man was going through that day or what he was flying for?” another wrote. “I remember being on a flight that I had to take because of some excruciatingly painful news I received and listening to a screaming child while have one of the worst days of my life was beyond maddening. I sobbed the entire flight and didn’t explode but I wanted to. I’d be lying if I said I don’t empathize with this man a little although I feel he could have handled it better.”

But another argued the man should’ve had enough restraint to keep it together. They wrote, “If you can’t handle the sound of a crying baby or toddler, maybe air travel or being in public isn’t for you. Personally, I’d be embarrassed by my inability to cope with something so basic that happens all the time. But I just believe that’s part of being a functioning adult.”

Whatever the case, it’s a sad day when a little baby feels the wrath of a grown adult. The baby DID stop crying…eventually.

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