March 28, 2023

Moody Bank$ is an R&B/Soul phenom based out of Austin, Texas. Ever since she hit the stage in 2020 with the release of her critically acclaimed debut single, “Quaran’tea”, she has never looked back- growing from strength to strength and releasing back-to-back hit songs that have made her a listener-favorite globally. The strength of Moody Bank$’s music lies in many factors, among them her unique, sweet-talking and luscious feminine-rich voice and the way she effortlessly blurs the genre lines blending R&B, Soul, and Pop in ways only she is capable of!
The news of the release of Moody Bank$’s new EP “Feeling Colors” was met with uncontained excitement from her loyal fan base and new listeners. This proved to be another milestone in Moody Bank$’s groundbreaking career.

“Feeling Colors” is a 9-piece masterpiece, and even before we get to the tracks, the cover art stands out; an ingenious depiction of the whole album. This valuable collection is an ode to life, love, heartbreak, self-awareness, and consciousness. As a person who grew up devouring humongous content of the old school music, I dig the 90s touch that has been added to the tracks- engrossing and therapeutic is what this collection is.

The intro, “Note to Self”, is an inspirational poetic defined tune that sees Moody Bank$ reflect on her life and career over the keys and string-defined melodicism. Through her self-reflection, this tune serves as a motivation to anyone listening in success is in the distance,
The supporting single “Work It Out” has generated quite the buzz and deservedly so; drawing on that rich and nostalgic 90s-inspired R&B and blending it with some futuristic harmonies, this track epitomizes authentic R&B from head to toe. Her lustrous, velvety and glossy vocals feel like candy with their alacrity stroking a listener’s ears gently; the way they float over the instrumentation comes out lively like she is singing straight into your heart!

It is, therefore, little surprise why “Work It Out” has been dominating airplay and receiving tremendous stream numbers; it is a vintage body of work. “Joy Ride” is another standout track that did make an impression on me. Its mood-evoking quality created from the oasis of emotions is bound to undeniably make a mark on any listener with a soft spot for R&B and Soul.

“Red Ride” is the definition of short and sweet; it’s the kind of tune that hits you and drugs you under in an instant, and before you know it, it is gone! The steady bass is also a standout feature in that blissful instrumental arrangement.

The poetic lyricism in “Ree’s Interlude” is enchanting. And a special shout out to Sharee Caroll, who delivers the spoken word with Moody Bank$ on the backing vocals, and true to this epic piece, ‘it’s time to level up!’

What you get from “Feeling Colors” is over 26 minutes of an indescribably beautiful and therapeutic, seemingly multi-sensory audio-visual experience that seeks to cultivate an internal space that will enable you, as the listener, to attain a higher level of connectivity and consciousness!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Moody Bank$’s “Feeling Colors”; follow the attached link and indulge in this antique collection!

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