September 21, 2023
AMÉMÉ Crafts Sultry Afro-House Dance Anthem, "Batonga"

AMÉMÉ is laying the groundwork for an Afro-house summer with the groove-laden “Batonga.” 

The latest anthem from AMÉMÉ continues to pave the way for an Afro-house revolution. This time, the West African DJ and producer is working alongside Bontan and incorporating vocals from Don Bello Ni.



AMÉMÉ’s incorporation of rolling hand drums, marching percussion and his signature sultry grooves will have fans breaking a sweat. A powerful vocal contribution from Don Bello Ni melds seamlessly with the meditative flow of the production, making for an entrancing listen from start to finish.

While his prior effort, “Runaway,” saw AMÉMÉ delving into introspective songwriting, “Batonga” reverts back to his go-to approach of crafting warm and inviting productions that inspire movement. The Class of 2023 inductee has continued to prove himself versatile, validating what many see as a bright future ahead for the rising talent.

Catch AMÉMÉ tearing it up on the global festival circuit all summer long with upcoming performances at Tomorrowland, Electric Forest, HARD Summer and more.



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