December 11, 2023

Auralyn Waves was created by Singer Sandie Nielsen and Guitarist Daniel Norber in 2012. They met at a barbaque party where Dani listened to one of Sandie´s songs and he suggested they should meet up and have a jam. They did, and it clicked and they started creating what is the soul of Auralyn Waves…

In 2013 Dani left the Band. Sandie met guitarist Dario Merino at a Jam session night, they got together and found that they had a lot in common and had the same goals. Together they shaped what is now the sound of Auralyn Waves…

We would like to call what we do, alternative pop/rock, but, you can call it what you like.

We are definitely high on emotions, and we truly believe that’s the special place, music comes from. Sharing stories is a magical thing, something humans have been doing for the longest time, so here we are, sharing ours, with you…

We welcome you to our universe of sound.

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