December 10, 2023
Alison Wonderland Officially Announces Upcoming Record Label

Alison Wonderland is officially becoming a label boss with the news that she is starting her own record label focused on supporting artist freedom.

As one of the biggest headliners across the globe, many fans were ecstatic to hear that Alison Wonderland is making some big moves and creating her own record label. The news was announced on her social media stating, “I am starting a record label. Been working on this for a while and my entire goal is to give power and freedom back to the artist.”

While the announcement is vague, Wonderland fans don’t have to wait long as the celebrated producer said more details will be coming this week.

A few artists also teased their participation on the new label with Elohim expressing interest in the comments as well as electronic music prodigy Moore Kismet stating they can’t wait to make music for the label.

Wonderland’s alter ego White Fang also commented “see you there” meaning this could be a place for the side project to lay down some more new tracks or potentially an EP or LP.

Check out Alison Wonderland’s announcement of her upcoming label below:

Featured image from Alison Wonderland 

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