December 11, 2023
Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland drops off a care package of eight remixes from Loner from Moore Kismet, LEER, 1788-L, and more.

Australian DJ and producer Alison Wonderland released her third studio album, Loner, in 2022. Now, almost a year later, she has returned with an exciting comeback; an eight-track remix package. In this release, Alison Wonderland invited several prominent artists to provide their unique perspectives and add their signature style to her tracks. Among the artists who participated in this remix package are VILLA, Fredrick, Moore Kismet, and LEER, among others. Each artist has put their own spin on the tracks, presenting fresh and exciting takes that showcase the range of creative interpretations possible when different artists collaborate on a project.

Each artist involved in the remix package has given their all to create a unique and captivating interpretation of Alison Wonderland’s tracks, allowing listeners to experience their creative vision firsthand. Found within the collection are reimagined takes on tracks such as “Safe Life,” “New Day,” “Down The Line,” “Thirst,” and more, each twisted and transformed as the artists infuse their own style.

Two of the immediate standouts include Pauline Herr’s rework of “Forever,” which is enriched by lush vocals, thumping beats, and synths, and 1788-L‘s cut of “Fuck U Love U” that’s filled with elevated emotional intensity to take listeners into another dimension with raw energy and drops. Others, like Friend Within’s take on “Something Real,” add a funky groove to the mix, while Hex Cougar’s remix of “Thirst” amplifies tension with its heavy, industrial beats and distorted synths. Finally, Moore Kismet’s “Loner” creates a dark and moody atmosphere, emphasizing the track’s melancholic undertones.

The emergence of the Loner (Remixes) and the return of Whyte Fang, Alison Wonderland’s alias, signals the possibility of exciting new developments from the artist in 2023. With the release of these remixes, the artist’s renewed creative energy and eagerness to explore new musical territories have been brought to the forefront. This hints at the possibility of some interesting surprises for her fans throughout the year.

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Alison Wonderland – Loner (Remixes) – Tracklist:

  1. Forever (Pauline Herr Rework)
  2. Safe Life (VILLA Remix)
  3. Fuck U Love U (1788-L Remix)
  4. New Day (Fredrick Remix)
  5. Down The Line (LEER Remix)
  6. Something Real (Friend Within Remix)
  7. Thirst (Hex Cougar Remix)
  8. Loner (Moore Kismet Remix)

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