December 2, 2023
Alison Wonderland releases her anthemic new single “Down The Line”

Alison Wonderland will become the latest producer to launch their own record label, following in the footsteps of Kayzo, Rezz, Subtronics, Excision, and more.

As an artist, releasing music on your own label is a great way to retain power and resources of your own work. However, you’re not just releasing your own music most of the time, often intending to “give power and freedom back to the artist” at large, as Alison states in her tweet teasing the launch.

Compared to major labels, the splits are often more equitable, though you’ll most of the time make that trade for a relatively greener label team that might not have all the assets and resources that the big guys have.

We’re excited to see what Alison Wonderland’s new label brings to the table. When details are revealed this week, we’ll hopefully know the name, first release, and more.


Photo by Simply G

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