February 21, 2024
Alesso and Sick Individuals' "We Go Out" Is a Weekend Rallying Cry: Listen - EDM.com

Alesso and Sick Individuals’ new single is a soundtrack for losing yourself in the neon lights. 

Cooking up a raver’s weekend anthem, the combined forces of Alesso and Sick Individuals have unleashed “We Go Out,” a collab that doubles as a weekend rallying cry. Both enjoy their well-deserved reputations as dance-pop dynamos, but with “We Go Out,” they show they’ve got the chops to take over the club dancefloor. 

The track bursts out the gate with a blast of metallic pluck synths, setting a vigorously rhythmic pace as voluminous trance chords sound off in the background. Following the initial adrenaline rush, the track slows to a crawling pace, coaxing listeners to lean in as Alesso and Sick Individuals embark on an epic build sequence. 

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