December 10, 2023
ALESSA.A’s Talent Shines With Manse and Vincent Voort On Future Rave Single “Bring Me To Life”

Growing up with a strong background in classical music, ALESSA.A placed at the top of western Japan for young pianist competitions. Her name quickly spread throughout the classical music community. Using her wide fanbase, ALESSA.A debuted as a DJ at the Thailand Full Moon Party in March 2019. Following this performance, she made a big leap to expand her musical influences across China. To add to her distinguished resume, ALESSA.A also held the first collaboration concert between an orchestra and a DJ in Japan referred to as “Japan Century Orchestra”. The once-in-a-lifetime experience went viral in Japan and was reported across widespread TV, newspapers and radio. Another feat for the growing artist is her title as the official DJ of the Red Hurricanes, a professional Japanese rugby team in Osaka. 

Now she’s back, this time working with Manse and Vincent Voort for their epic future rave single, “Bring Me To Life“. It has main stage Tomorrowland vibes, packed with fiery synths, rumbling bass, and electrifying lead to will get anybody off their feet. ALESS.A’s piano talent shines, as her beautiful arrangement sits alongside chilling vocals, enchanting you the whole way through.

“This song is a collaboration with MANSE and Vincent Voort. I have been raised with classical music since I was 3 years old. So I created a song that fuses EDM and classical music. The highlight is the live piano performance. The melody of this song leads the listeners to a world of emotions.” – ALESSA.A

Listen below!

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