December 3, 2023

Scottish producer Aether taps into ambient sounds and worldly sensations on his new four-track EP, Moonstone.

When Aether sits down to create the sounds that form his discography, it’s not just music that he’s making – it’s magic, too. Known for his contemplative downtempo style, the producer has a way of curating specific notes and tones that reach far into the soul and catalyze deep introspection. With a collection of tunes that are resonant and impassioned, each listen leaves an impression that lingers long after the music ends.

When he began teasing his new EP Moonstone, it quickly became clear that it would be a special addition to Aether’s catalog. Out now on Monstercat Silk, the EP’s evolution mirrors that of a gemstone’s crystallization process, and the opening track, “Moonstone” reflects the first stage of that process by laying a lo-fi, atmospheric foundation. The transition into the next track, “Aquamarine,” feels seamless as the same elements of its predecessor are present while new sonic elements are layered in naturally. Much like an aquamarine gemstone gets its name from its sea-like tones, the track feels reminiscent of water as the music flows in and out like a wave splashing onto shore.

Singles “Sapphire” and “Tourmaline” make up the rest of Moonstone, and they sound even more cohesive when listened to in tandem with the rest of the EP. The former track opens with ambient tones and airy vocals that together create the basis of the track, with garage-style percussion and subtle swarms of bass coming in later to fill the track out without overpowering its delicacy. The latter keeps on with the same ambient nature but with an even slower, silkier beat.

Like any great piece of music, Moonstone can be listened to in any number of different contexts – on a grey, gloomy day, at nighttime when you’re winding down and preparing for sleep, or late at night when you’re awake and gazing at the light of the moon. Whenever or wherever you listen, Aether’s latest EP will undoubtedly find a way to permeate the deepest depths of your soul.

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Aether – Moonstone EP – Tracklist:

  1. Moonstone
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Sapphire
  4. Tourmaline

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