February 26, 2024
Adventure Club Turn Back Time With Vintage Melodic Dubstep Remix: Listen - EDM.com

Longtime fans of Adventure Club will find solace in their new song, a vintage remix that speaks to their storied past.

The prolific duo, whose ageless dubstep remixes helped propel them to electronic music stardom in the early 2010s, recently took on Łaszewo’s “Fuck Your Sunshine.” And in doing so, they turned back the clock to those days, when they ushered in a melodic dubstep era that remains a lynchpin of the EDM space to this day.

There’s no question that the tandem, who dropped their scintillating sophomore album earlier in 2022, are at their best when it comes to vocal-driven dance music. Their new remix functions as a nostalgia machine, featuring the rapturous vocal chops and euphoric bass of a signature Adventure Club anthem of yesteryear.

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