February 26, 2024
Adam Bomb unveils new single "Joynt (THC)"

Adam Bomb unveils new single “Joynt (THC)”

The legendary Adam Bomb along with his bandmates Kozzy Havokk (bass) and Leo Cakolli (drums) have unveiled their new single “Joint (THC)” which has a lot of similarities to a certain AC/DC song that you may know.

Bomb‘s Bandcamp page indicates: “Not since Rick Keefer was alive have I had so much fun in the studio. He would’ve absolutely would’ve loved this, the drums, the bvs, the solos, the lyrics, and the explosion at the end is very much a Rick Keefer / AB record trademark. I think this track needs to get on internet radio. Take a hit and pass it around…”

Back in February 2020, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Bomb and noted that it had been a long time since the American rocker had released an album of original material [dating back to Rock On Rock Hard Rock Animal released back in 2012]. Bomb replied: “Making a record takes inspiration, time, and money. Since my wife Claire died, and I wrote “One Punch Can Change The Fight” — it was such a powerful and emotional song — I really didn’t want to write anything after that record I did with Paul Del Bello and Violet Cannibal. It took so much out of me. Claire had to die for me to write that song. Life gets to be too overwhelming and putting it to music can drain your life force. I got briefly inspired to write a song called “They Only Love You When You’re Dead.” I had to record it because when I write something, I have to record it.

But yes, I want to make an album with my new band. I wanna see if I can capture that young energy that Leo and Kozzy bring to the table and maybe we can make an old school album like I did when I was in TKO. I just been living my life instead of trying to describe it inside music for the past nine years, but I got a few things I could scream into a mic, so I’ll give it a shot.”

You can listen to Adam Bomb‘s new single “Joynt (THC)” via his Bandcamp page.

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