December 1, 2023
ACRAZE at EDC Las Vegas 2023

ACRAZE discusses how “Do It To It” changed his career trajectory, the story behind his latest single, and more at EDC Las Vegas.

Over the course of a few years, American DJ and producer ACRAZE has reached an astronomical level of success. From performing in Staten Island nightclubs to headlining sold-out shows all over the world and packing in some of the festival scene’s most iconic stages, his journey to the top has been both thrilling to witness and, undoubtedly, well-deserved.

After stumbling across a video featuring Cherish’s 2006 R&B hit “Do It To It,” inspiration struck, and ACRAZE made a rough house edit of the original in his bedroom. Little did he know, that silly, lighthearted idea would lead to what would become one of dance music’s most notable tracks, surpassing a mind-boggling 16 billion streams worldwide, winning iHeartRadio’s 2021 Best Dance Song Of The Year, and catapulting him to the stars.

Following his music’s explosive success, ACRAZE signed with Capitol Records, debuted his first residency at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas, and continues to produce music. This seems to be just the beginning for this Staten Island virtuoso. We had the opportunity to sit down with ACRAZE and discuss his experience playing two sets at EDC Las Vegas this year, the dual meaning behind his latest single with Paige Cavell, “The Otherside,” and how his previous hit, “Do It To It,” changed everything in his perspective. Join us as we explore the world of ACRAZE and get a glimpse into his journey from a bedroom producer to an A-list act.

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We have ACRAZE in the building! So, you have two sets this weekend; which one are you most excited about?

I would say obviously my solo set because I’m playing a lot of new music that I haven’t played before… Probably over ten songs that I haven’t played ever before. But the one with Noizu is going to be a vibe. I’m excited about that too.

What’s the vibe? Will it be different from things we’ve heard from you in the past? 

Yeah, it’s going to be different – more groovy, tech house. I play that on my sets now, but I think with Noizu, it’s going to be very consistent. 

Your song “The Otherside” – I’ve had it on repeat since its release. It’s got that emotive nature to it, and I think it touches on your journey to self-love. How was that creative process for you?

There are two journeys to it. The first being the other side is finding self-love. Then the other being… so I took mushrooms for the first time. I’m gonna call it an experience, and the other side is considered the experience. Before I actually started getting really into the experience, I finished the song, and then we just listened to it all night. We were in love with it. There are so many different things you can call it, the other side being you find self-love or you’re getting to the other side of something fun.

So “Do it To It, ”we gotta talk about it…12 billion streams…

ACRAZE: What are we at? Are we at 12?

ACRAZE’s Manager: I think it’s 16.

That’s double the number of humans in the world! 16 billion?! 

That’s such a crazy number. Me coming from my bedroom, I was never even thinking about numbers like that. It’s just surreal, but I’m so happy. 

How has the song shifted things from your perspective?

It’s gotten to the point where I want it to be. I can consistently show my music tastes and just do what I’ve always wanted. Being a young producer, you have to really stick to one thing for a long time until you get known. I think “Do It To It” really helped me reach a point where I can now explore other things and just be myself.

I remember when I was making bass music years ago, nobody knew who I was, and it was hard to find an identity. I think that’s what people like, and artists lose their identity because people want to put everyone in a box. When you come into my set, I feel like I always want to bring surprises, whether it’s special guests or different types of remixes of my songs. Like, I’m gonna play a trap remix to “Do It To It.”

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Every stage I’ve gone to, it’s been played.

I love that. Last year I heard it at every stage. It was pretty awesome.

What’s been the most mind-blowing thing for you getting to this level of success? 

I would say winning awards. I went to I Heart Radio because I won an award for best Dance Song of the Year. I’m like sitting next to artists Lil Nas X and Halsey, and it’s just the weirdest thing. But it was also really, really cool to be sitting next to the legends. 

So what’s next?  

More music, more shows. What else do people want? You know, they want to hear more music. So I got tons of it. Get ready. 

Describe EDC in one word for us.


That’s a first! I like that. All right, well, thank you so much!

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