March 2, 2024
Above & Beyond's Anjunabeats Drops Highlight Compilation, "The Yearbook 2022" -

Anjunabeats is wrapping up another year of show-stopping music with their own year-end compilation.

“The Yearbook 2022” is the iconic dance music label’s sonic highlight reel, showcasing what’s new and breaking from stalwarts of the industry and emerging artists alike. The quadruple disc effort can be heard as either a free-flowing continuous mix or as a collection of the original featured studio tracks. Either way, fans will hear the best of 2022 from Mat Zo, BLR, Ilan Bluestone and many more. 

Emerging talent on Anjunabeats included the savvy modular synth-driven duo Kasablanca, who had a barnstorming year on the imprint, arguably best showcased by their track “Immunity.” The record was named one of ‘s best songs of 2022.

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