December 2, 2023
A$AP Rocky x Travis Scott

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky and Houston artist, Travis Scott may have seemingly ended their almost decade-old feud. The two snapped up a flick on an airplane with fans pondering if the animosity is over.


In a blurry selfie on a plane, Travis Scott and A$AP Rocky seemingly ended their feud.

Rumors of the two hip-hop artists beefing date back as far as 2016, apparently due to the constant comparisons. In 2019, the “Sicko Mode” rapper even made shady comments during a Rolling Loud performance about Rocky. 

The Harlem rapper openly expressed his irritation at being mistaken for the Houstonian and even claimed he jacked his entire style.

Updated 05/11/2022 at 4 pm by Kendall Parks

In his interview with the Drink Champs podcast, rapper A$AP Rocky was asked about Travis Scott stealing his music style. 

“Travis Scott stole his whole style from Asap Rocky?,”  Nore asked.

The “Fuckin Problems” rapper replied “Yeah”

It’s ironic that the A$AP member would suggest that Scott may have taken his style.  Rocky cites his own musical influences come from Houston – which is  Scott’s hometown. 

Rocky has said in the past how the legendary group UGK, which consists of Houston’s Bun B and the late Pimp C, greatly impacted him growing up.

In 2011, Rocky, a New York native, released a song titled “Houston Old Head” that paid homage to the people who influenced him in the Texas area. 

So it’s more likely that Scott’s “Houston style” preceded Asap Rocky’s style.

Last week, the Grammy-nominated rapper released a song and video titled “Dat’s My Bitch” featuring his girlfriend (fiance’) Rihanna.  A lot of rumors have been made about A$AP cheating on Rihanna parting ways but the new video shows that their relationship isn’t ending anytime soon.

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