December 11, 2023
a$ap rocky

A$AP Rocky has recently done a phone interview with Complex. The interview covers a bunch of topics ranging from his upcoming album, fatherhood, his new design studio, and his newest single, “Shittin’ Me”.

According to the interview, “Shittin’ Me” was sitting on Rocky’s shelf for years. In 2020, when EA came to him for a song to use in their videogame, Need for Speed: Unbound, he gave it to them, thinking it compliments the gameplay. Deciding to take things one step further, the song is also being used as part of the lead-up to the new album. While there is still no official date yet, he did confirm that an album will be coming soon.

The interview also touched on Rocky’s unique music videos. ASAP Rocky says he uses these visuals to create worlds and scenarios in a chaotic way, and to display his ADHD.

A$AP Rocky’s design studio, Hommemade, is going to start dropping innovative decor soon as well. He wants it to be like any other home decor brand out there.

He also talks about how much of a shame it is that the Raf Simons brand is ending. According to him, it was the pinnacle of the fusion between streetwear, hip hop culture, and high-end fashion. However, the brand’s articles are going to be worth a lot of money in a year or two.

Becoming a father has helped Rocky prioritize his life. It gives him time to do what he wants to do in life. He loves being a father and family man.

Rocky ends the phone interview by talking about how he is only interested in the art of his career. He only cares about his art, his craft, and his family. Instead of focusing on the politics, he just wants creativity to surge.

Written by Justin Acosta

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