December 2, 2023
A Decade of Beats: How Chillhop Went From an Unknown Blog to Redefining Lo-Fi Music -

If we had to decide what the soundtrack of the post-2010 Internet was, lo-fi would be the only reasonable answer.

Since the terms “lo-fi hip-hop” and “chillhop” started circulating more than a decade ago, the genre has undergone quite the metamorphosis. What was once a score for the geekiest places on the web—spread by young kids in the form of amateur mixtapes with anime-inspired art—became a mainstream sensation that even Will Smith and Disney tried to exploit at one point.

Between these two points in time, the history of lo-fi is far from linear, but it’s easy to pinpoint its protagonists. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of them is Chillhop.

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