September 30, 2023
50 Cent Says Eminem Doesn't Get Enough Credit News

50 Cent thinks Eminem deserves more.

While promoting his new WE tv series “Hip Hop Homicides” on “Ebro in the Morning,” the hip-hop mogul reflected on his friend’s legacy and impact on the culture.

“I don’t think they give him the credit that he deserves culturally,” 50 said. “In order for people to embrace something, they have to see where they fit in.”

He went on to celebrate Em’s success as a white rapper in a genre traditionally dominated by Black artists. “He’s still to this day the highest-selling rap artist,” he added. “And maybe N.W.A would be upset with the idea of the white guy coming and selling all of the records, so Jimmy [Iovine]’s a genius for putting him with [Dr.] Dre.”

According to 50, Eminem has pushed the culture forward by remaining true to himself.

“I think part of Eminem’s legacy is the growth of our culture. People wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t see where they fit into it,” he explained. “When he comes and he’s there as a legitimate artist because of his journey. When you look at 8 Mile, you’re seeing a Black story with a white lead. You seeing poverty, you seen him under circumstances. Look at his friends, Proof, D12, everybody’s there and these are real hip-hop guys. This is why he’s a real hip-hop guy.”

50 has often shown his loyalty to the “Rap God,” who signed him to his Shady Records label 20 years ago.

“I have so much value for him, not just in my career, just in my life,” he told Music Choice in 2014. “He’s a guy that’s one of my best friends because I can trust that he’s gonna be honest in his constructive criticism.”

He also touted Em’s skills as an MC. “Hip-hop is Black music, without question. And unfortunately for some people, it’s tough to accept that you got a white artist that does it better than a Black artist,” he added. “You can get whoever you feel like is the best Black artist and stand them face to face in a room with Em and he will eat that shit alive.”

On Monday, Eminem celebrated his 50th birthday with wishes from 50. “Happy birthday to my boy @eminem I love you. I’m wishing you many more God bless,” he captioned a photo of the Detroit rapper. “I’m gonna come see you when I get done touring.”

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