May 30, 2023

Nowadays, many women are bidding farewell to hormonal birth control, discovering their cycles and bodies like never before. As a result, for the first time, millions of women know how their hormones affect everything from mental health to weight, skin, and menstruation. Yet, for many years, women were left in the dark, and healthcare professionals dismissed their concerns, claiming it was all “in their head.” Fortunately, the 28 app and FemTech companies are changing the narrative and prioritizing women’s health. By educating women on how to optimize their physical and mental wellness, they’re opening up new avenues for a healthier lifestyle.

28 app is changing women’s healthcare by providing a tech-driven and customer-focused platform focusing on cycle tracking, fertility benefits, and personalized hormone health education. Through this app, women can unlock new opportunities to enhance their health and wellness, which have been limited until now.

By scientifically curating fitness routines and nutrition profiles based on each user’s natural cycle, 28 empowers women to heal and strengthen their minds, body, and spirit. Moreover, these health suggestions correspond to the user’s current emotional state, lifestyle, and relationships, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.

9 New Hormone Balancing Recipes by 28. Credit: Instagram/@28wellness

Embracing Women’s Bodies With Love And Courage.

But 28’s story stretches beyond personalized health solutions.

It is a story of love, courage, and perseverance. The company’s team embraced women’s natural cycles and bodies and cared for them with the love and respect they deserved. In addition, they had the courage to ask unpopular questions, challenge the status quo, and create a solution that didn’t wait for society’s permission.

And their journey didn’t stop there.

Empowering Women’s Hormonal Health: The Journey Of 28’s Innovative Movement

With perseverance, the company’s team created a platform that empowers women (and men) worldwide to experience healing, harmony, beauty, and strength. This path is inside us all, and our cycles hold the key. A few years ago, they set out on this journey, and now, they continue to inspire women to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle with their innovative approach.

28 app. Credit: Femtech World

You may think that 28 is just an app, but it isn’t. It represents a powerful movement empowering women to take control of their hormonal health and well-being. The company’s mission is to provide women with accurate information and eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation. The idea for the platform emerged as a response to the fitness industry’s male-centric approach that fails to consider the menstrual cycle.

The founder of 28, Brittany Hugoboom, claims that women deserve more than just a period tracker. Recently, the company established its headquarters in Miami, where it will continue to promote women’s health and wellness.


Founder of 28, Brittany Hugoboom. Credit: LinkedIn

“Your cycle has four phases, and each phase brings changes to the brain and body,” said Brittany. “Exercising and eating based on your cycle means changing the types of movements and nutrients during each phase to optimize your physique, hormones, and mood.”

Download the 28 app here.

Unleash Your Child’s Potential with Healthy Hip Hop – The Revolutionary App Promoting Well-being!

After realizing the amazing advantages of the 28 app from FemTech, let’s shift our focus to an application that emphasizes empowering children. Healthy Hip Hop is specifically designed to promote the well-being of kids.

The CEO and founder of this amazing app, Roy Scott, has always been heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. He even chose to become a rapper instead of pursuing a promising basketball career after high school. It wasn’t until one day, he picked up his four-year-old son, Justus, from school and heard him singing along to explicit lyrics from his music that Roy realized the negative impact his music could have on children.


Healthy Hip Hop founder Roy Scott. Credit: Techstars

That’s when Roy knew that he needed to make a drastic change. And thus, Healthy Hip Hop was born! With this app, Roy is on a mission to inspire children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through the power of hip-hop. So why not join the movement and give your children the gift of health and wellness?

“Everything changed for me when I pick up my son from school, when I see him repeat my music, as we know, music promoter, drugs, violence, etc. I just knew at that point of my light bulb moment, I reflected on how impactful music, specifically hip hop music and culture, was on me. I knew I couldn’t be this influence on anybody else,” he explained.

The Positive Alternative For Children’s Mental And Physical Health And Empowerment

Healthy Hip Hop is more than just an app; it’s a positive alternative that uplifts young people by promoting their mental and physical health, academic achievement, and personal empowerment. Using hip-hop music’s power, this platform offers a kid-friendly approach that’s both educational and entertaining.

Initially started as a website, Healthy Hip Hop blends hip-hop music production and songwriting with concepts that inspire and teach children healthy habits.

The app features animated characters, like Smith’s PJ Panda, that rap and sings about important topics like using the potty, sticking to a healthy diet, and practicing positive thoughts. And the best part? The music is excellent for both kids and parents alike!

With music created by Wes Smith, Roy’s partner, Healthy Hip Hop is an innovative and fun way for children to learn about health and wellness.


Healthy Hip Hop co-founder Wes Smith. Credit: LinkedIn

The Transformation From Rap To Tech, Gaining Support From Google And Techstars

Scott teamed up with Smith and turned Healthy Hip Hop into a tech company. As a result, the venture has gained significant support from Google for Startups & Techstars. In addition, they raised funds using Republic, an equity-based platform that separates itself from other fundraising sites like Kickstarter and

The Healthy Hip-Hop app. Credit: Techstars

As Healthy Hip Hop continues to evolve, Scott is set on bringing the app into classrooms. “We first started testing the tech in the early phases,” Scott explains. “Primarily, the biggest use case for Healthy Hip Hop is to get kids up and active kind of, to start their day or morning energizer, and also throughout the day for brain boosters.”

Download the Healthy Hip Hop app here.

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