February 21, 2024
King Crimson headshots modern

That movie director Toby Amies’ previous subjects have been outsiders and eccentrics probably stood him in good stead when he was invited to make a film about King Crimson. Four years in the making the finished documentary gets inside the life and times of the band and the entangled, sometimes difficult relationships that are threaded together by King Crimson’s equally complex music. Here are 10 things we learn about King Crimson from Amies’ film which Variety describes as “about as good as rock documentaries get.” 


King Crimson wouldn’t exist without many ‘midwives’

Drummer Michael Giles, who quit in 1969, makes this telling observation about the mechanics of Crimson. “Robert’s always been good at inviting other voices in. He knows he can’t do it on his own…So it’s understandable that if King Crimson is his baby then he wants lots of midwives.”

Fripp begins weeping at one point

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